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You have your own outdoor camp fire pit,kitchen with gas cooker, sink, shower & compost loo.

Outdoor camp kitchen has a two ring gas cooker, grill & oven.

Try your hand at cooking on an open fire, tripod,grill, cast cooking pot, large one pot stew pan & a  paella pan (campfire wood can be bought on site)

Solar power hook up in yurt for charging phones, ipods & tablets.

The solar power runs the lights in the kitchen & compost loo

Lanterns with T lights.

Giant outdoor beanbag



Your Yurt 

Handmade king sized double bed.

3 extra roll out floor mattresses, please specify your needs when booking- you will need to bring your own pillows & bedding for extra people/children. (You can hire 3 complete sets of bedding for £10)  

Wood burning stove (with a fireguard for children)

Hand made Mongolian furniture

Rugs & blankets

Lanterns with T lights


What is provided:

King size duble bed, four pillows & pillow cases, sheets, duvet, blankets

3 fold out floor mattresses are also available,you will need to bring your own bedding (we can supply duvets, sheets & pillows  £10 linen charge for 3 sets) Let us know what your requirements are for extra mattresses & bedding when booking

Starter firewood for wood burning stove - box of matches & firelighters

Additional net bags of logs can be purchased on site with an honesty box £5 per net bag of wood burner logs

Toilet roll

Lanterns with tea lights

Solar power

1 Hot water bottle

Full fire guard for children


Kitchen equipment We provide:


Plates & bowls


Coffe pot

Tin opener



Washing up bowl

Ecover washing up liquid

1Tea towel

Bread saw, peeler & vegetable  knife

Chopping board

Pans & frying pan

BBQ skewers

Salt & pepper

Assortment of airtight plastic food storage boxes


What you need to bring:



Tea towels (1provided)

Wellington Boots – even in summer as the grass can be wet from dew

Slippers or soft shoes for inside the yurt & warm socks

Torches, as there are no lights in the field!

Sleeping bags/duvets/pillows for children or extra guests on the fold out mattresses- (bedding hire available on request: £10 for 3 complete sets of bedding)

Firelighters, matches or a lighter.

Extra blankets if you think you will be cold

Blankets that can be taken out side for around the camp fire.

Hot water bottles

Soap/shampoo & shower toiletries.

Big jumpers & warm clothing for around the camp fire

Waterproof clothing

To protect the environment please use only natural environmentally sound shampoo & washing products

For using the solar power bring electronic charging leads for 3 pin standard socket


Extra firewood; if you are planning camp fires for the evening which we highly recommend we don't provide firewood for the camp fire. We sell net bags of logs which are cut for the woodburner which you can use for a camp fire & cut lengths of wood in bundles for £5. You can bring your own campfire wood as long as their are no nails or other metal work attached.


What to expect

There can be insects & spiders & the occasional drip or damp patch in the yurt during very bad weather.This is camping!


Please dont leave electronic equipment or expensive clothing on the floors incase of severe bad weather

This is a natural unlanscaped environment,please wear suitable footwear the paddocks are not manicured so expect uneven ground & bumpy patches, animals graze these fields.


Fire extinguisher, fire blanket & carbon monoxide detector located in your yurt.


Please dont leave campfire burning unattended or leave candles burning unattended in the yurt.

Keep the woodburning stove vent closed as they can get very hot & the door securely shut at all times.


Please do not break branches off trees for firewood.


Please do not leave any litter in the grass as animals graze these fields, bins & bin bags provided. Please recycle!


The Outdoor Kitchen visits Gold Acre!

We are big fans here at Gold Acre of The Outdoor Kitchen, we have a range of their fabulous hungarian cooking pans & grills for cooking on the camp fire, click on the link below to read all about the visit